Tankless water heaters

Less can be more with tankless water heaters

Precisely as the name implies, tankless water heaters are water heaters without the tank. They are the Netflix to your DVD collection. Instead of storing hot water in waiting, a tankless water heater warms the water up when you are ready for it.

These energy-efficient heaters are relatively small, sometimes no bigger than a suitcase. You can install them on a wall, in between studs, or even under a cabinet.

The Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

These bite-sized powerhouses pack a big punch of benefits over their larger, more traditional competitors.

Energy Conscious

Both electric and gas tankless water heaters are energy efficient. Electric tankless water heaters direct 98% of their electrical intake to heating the water, whereas gas utilizes about 85%.

Ready Immediately

After originally flushing the pipes of cold water, you have a steady stream of hot water ready at your disposal without having to wait around for things to get warm.

Long Term Investment

Although they cost more upfront, tankless water heaters last almost twice as long as electric and gas water heaters since the system is simpler. Furthermore, their warranties often are extended.

Reduce Bills

Because of their high energy efficiency and quick high-output performance, tankless water heating systems help you save money on that monthly electricity bill.

Save on Size

With tankless water heaters, a bulky tank is obsolete. This allows your home's internal square footage to be allocated for that old-school PacMan set you have your sights on.


As long as hot water demand is manageable and usage happens consecutively (not having 10 people showering at the same time), your hot water will not run out. No more ending showers ahead of schedule.