I thought we didn’t want moisture in Our house?

Too much moisture indeed sets your home up for a mold-breeding playground, but not enough moisture can have its own adverse side effects.

Humidifiers register the amount of moisture in the air. By attaching to your HVAC system, whole-house humidifiers bring water vapor to the ducts and distribute that moisture throughout your house. You set the moisture level from a thermostat and forget about it.

How Can a Whole House Humidifier Help?

When you start to see the signs of dry air, it is time to consider a whole-house humidifier. Winter is already dreary and cold; why make your chances of illness and uncomfortable skin an added disadvantage.

Save on energy bills

Dry air feels colder. By adding humidity back into the air, you can keep the thermostat lower than you would if the air was dry.

Keep moisturized

Dry winter air brings itchy, cracked skin, chapped lips, and frizzy hair. You don't need more products, you need a whole-house humidifier.

Protect your investment

When you have beautiful wood furniture and floors, you want to protect them from splitting. When the humidity is too low, all this could happen.

Decrease Illness

Virus particles die in the air quicker when the relative humidity is higher. Since less virus material remains in the air, the risk of transmission reduces.

Reduced sinus irritation

When the air is too dry, the throat and sinuses suffer. Keeping moisture in the air prevents your mucus membranes from drying out and becoming irritated.

Stop the shock

Ever forget the dryer sheet and leave the house with a sock stuck to your shoulder? Welcome to the result of dry air. A little bit of moisture can help.

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