gas water heaters

The 411 on Gas Water Heaters

You are more likely to find a gas water heater throughout America’s homes than any other kind. They make up 60% of the water heaters in houses. By using natural gas, the heater generates energy needed to heat the water. The warmed water rises to the top of the tank and through pipes until it reaches your faucet.

What to consider when shopping for a water heater?

When your water heater suddenly goes out, panic is likely to hit. Try not to let it. One Source Mechanical can diagnose, repair, or replace your water heater. Before we arrive, have an idea of the following:

Water heater capacity

What size water heater do you need? Since they come in various sizes, knowing what you are looking for helps narrow down the selection. Too small a unit won't keep up with demand, but too large will waste energy.

Energy Efficiency

The higher the efficiency rating (EF), the less the unit costs to run. An electric water heater with a high EF may still cost more to run than a lower EF gas water heater based solely on local utility rates.

Water Heater Cost

Price is always a factor, so know your budget well. You want an idea of the range you are willing to spend. Compare this ideal amount to the estimated number of years the water heater should last.