Electric Water Heaters

One Source Mechanical knows water heaters

Did you know the water heater uses about 18% of your electricity in your home? Because each family is different, the type of water heater your family needs may be different from your best friends or neighbors.

Our technicians at One Source Mechanical work with you to help you choose the best water heater for your family’s unique needs!

The Benefits of an Electric Water Heater

Electric water heaters have numerous advantages over gas or tankless heaters.

Knowing the breakdown of a gas water heater versus an electric water heater is overwhelming. Current electric prices, piping, manufacturer specials, and family demand are all variables to consider. Our technicians work with you to assess your home and specific situation.


Electric units offer large or small tank options which allow for both immediate and long term use.

Space Conscious

Take up less space than gas water heaters due to not needing additional exhaust venting

No Gas Leaks

No gas means no risk of a gas leak. Keep all systems in your home easy, safe and efficient.

Save Money

The lack of complex venting systems means cheaper installation than gas heaters