dryer vent cleaning

Is dryer vent cleaning a thing?

While it seems like maybe an activity we could skip, we really shouldn’t. Lint comes off your clothes during drying, as very clearly shown in the lint trap. However, what isn’t necessarily noticed is this same lint accumulates and builds up in the vents. Eventually, airflow is restricted and, when mixed with the high temperatures, can cause overheating or even home fires.

One Source Mechanical has the tools and training to evaluate your dryer vents and clean any lint and debris inside.

Signs or Dangers of a Clogged Dryer Vent

Like the belts on a car, it is impossible to know your vents’ buildup without proper inspection. That said, there are some signs that your ducts are getting clogged and need cleaning.

Clothes dont dry

When the ducts get clogged, air cannot flow properly, causing the time to dry clothes to increase two or three times over.

The dryer gets too hot

If your ducts are blocked, the air cannot escape. The warm air becomes stuck inside the unit resulting in high heat. Eventually, the blower will wear out.

Smells Like a Fire

Back in the days of Boy Scouts, the kids were taught they could use dryer lint to start a campfire. Pretty scary when that same fire-starter is inside the vents.

Can't Open the Hood

When the vent hood cannot open, it is likely clogged. Dryer vents make a lovely warm and dry place for birds, reptiles, and rodents.

Short Tubing

Homes have the convenience factor of a nearby dryer. However, the air has to make a long trip to escape increasing chances for lint to get stuck

Where There's Smoke

If the lint build-up gets too hot, it can catch fire and release smoke through your house. If you smell any burning while drying your clothes, call us asap.

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