The world is 70% water. your home shouldn’t be

Does your house ever feel muggy? Are your floorboards or wooden furniture starting to warp? Does the idea of mold keep you up at night? Then, it may be time to explore the world of dehumidifiers.

A home dehumidifier monitors your air, springing into action when the percentage of humidity is too high. Unlike bulky single-unit dehumidifiers, a whole-house dehumidifier works seamlessly with your heating and air conditioner.

Can a Whole-House Dehumidifier Help?

Like too dry of a home can cause damage, too much humidity in the air does much the same. And if there is one thing Charlottesville knows, it’s humidity.

Lower the AC strain

AC units work harder to keep up when your house is muggy. The heat + humidity combination causes your AC unit to struggle, upping your electric bill.

Leave allergies outside

When the air is humid, allergens thrive. When relative humidity is controlled, dust mites cannot live, and overall, allergens reduce.

Protect your wood

High moisture causes wood to warp and rot. Both your gorgeous hardwood floors and that antique desk from your gram will suffer and ruin as a result.

Keep mold at bay

Moisture and heat are the perfect formulae for mold. Keeping a house between 30-50% humidity lowers the chance of mold growth.

Protect against asthma

Nasal congestion, rhinitis, and worsening of asthma have all been linked to high home humidity levels. Breathe well with a dehumidifier.

Increase Comfort

Whole-house dehumidifiers in a regularly humid place just make sense because, after all, that “dewy look” should be left to the magazine covers.

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