Aerus Air Scrubber

Clean Up Your Indoor Air

You can scrub your floors, countertops, and shower, but what about your air? You can clean your air, too, when you get an Aerus Air Scrubber from One Source Mechanical. Our HVAC company in Charlottesville, VA installs these innovative air and air duct cleaning systems. You can enjoy purified air in your home, apartment, or office building. Plus, these low-maintenance systems don’t require any cleaning

Remove Toxins from your Indoor Air

You’ll get a more energy-efficient system and cleaner air. Plus, cleaner air can help to reduce allergy and asthma symptoms. Learn more about this innovative air quality system now by visiting the Aerus website.

Air pollution

Protects people from contaminants and pollutants in their environment

Surface contaminants

Continuously attacks contaminants on surfaces while purifying the air


Reduces odors and smoke visible in the air without the use of ozone


Keeps mold at bay by ensuring the environment remains clean.

Pet dander

Removes pet dander so you can continue snuggling.


Prevents heating and cooling systems from dust buildup

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